How does the cooking and shopping planer work?

English version coming soon...

Demonstrates the main function of my iChef. Create a recipe with all necessary ingredients. Set your purchase. Let my iChef generate your menu for the chosen time period (for example a week). My iChef also generates the necessary shopping list for you.

Demonstrates how to set your ingredient so that my iChef works as you wish. You need to set the measures and how they correspond to another (for example 1000ml milk are 1 unit milk). You should also set the time that you can keep your ingredient at home until it is bad, so that you don't have to throw any food away.

Demonstrates how to use meals in my iChef. A meal is usually at a specific time of the day when you eat, for example breakfast, kindergarten sandwich, lunch, baby mash. You can set on which days the meal is needed by using rules. Your recipes can then be assigned to the meal. My iChef uses this data to generate your menu.

Demonstrates how to organize ingredients and drugstore items. You can create shopping centre and so on where you usual go shopping. You can also divide each shopping centre into departments. These structures are used for the generated shopping list. There will be a separate shopping list for each shopping centre. The shopping list itself is structured into the departments.

Demonstrates how to use categories in my iChef. Recipes that have something in common share one category: short recipes, vegetarian recipes, christmas recipes, low-calorie and so on. You can set on which days or during which time periods these recipes must be used, may be used or must not be used. My iChef uses this data to generate your menu.