my iChef - Features

Your FREE chef

  • manages your personal recipes.
  • checks your menu so that your purchases won't become bad.
  • structures your shopping list well for a fast purchase.
  • generates your shopping list according to your menu.
  • soon also with free shopping list app for android.
The shopping list of my iChef is more readable, if you sort your ingedients according to the shopping centre and department, for example butcher, bakery, fruit and vegetables.

  • generates on its own a varied menu; you'll never have to ask yourself again what to cook.
  • structures your recipes into meals: it is for you to say when these meals should be cooked; you can also plan specialties such as the menu for your baby or a Sunday cake.
  • structures your recipes into categories: instruct your chef on how your menu should be; for example you can sort by season, short recipes, vegetarian, allergy, diet and more.
  • soon also with free menu app for android.
Recipes can be structured into categories; recipes are structured into meals.